June 27, 2008

Naruto Ultimate Jutsu

Wallpaper title : Rasengan Shuriken
Description : Naruto tried to increasing his power in short time. Naruto has to do that because its only way to save Sasuke without use his kyuubi chakra. Kakashi give him traing with new methode. Kakashi found the best way for train Naruto, Naruto had intended to combine it with nature manipulation, which proved to be as impossible as "looking left and right at the same time". Naruto finaly accomplishes his new ultimate jutsu by using two shadow clones. One to manipulate form and one to infuse the Rasengan with his own wind-based chakra. Rasengan Shuriken will be great weapon for fight with Akatsuki.

naruto shippuden, rasengan shuriken
Big improvement from Naruto, but I'm not sure that will be enough to bring Sasuke back, as we know Sasuke become more stronger, even he could beat Orochimaru and his brother Itachi. Ok, I hope you like with this Rasengan shuriken wallpaper. Just click on image and bring it home.

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rahharuto said...

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Uchiha Obito said...

It's not Rasengan Shuriken it's Rasenshuriken