March 25, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 488

Naruto Manga Chapter 488 "The Villages" is already out.

After so many tailed beast having fallen into akatsuki's, The Feudal Lord react to the formation of joint ninja force. The join ninja force is accepted by all nation. All Kage received the message from feudal lord about it. Meanwhile, Kakashi and others is in the way to the leaf village. During the travel Naruto try to give some explanation to others about what happened with Sasuke. Karin saw Naruto and realize that he looks like the exact opposite of Sasuke, even his chakra is so different. Suddenlly The ANBu from root come and ask Sai about what happened to Danzou. Sai told them Danzou senpai has passed away after been defeated by Sasuke. After they all got back to the leaf village, Naruto continued his explanation, but it seemed his friends didn't agree with Naruto decision to fight Sasuke alone. Naruto told them the reason and ask them to trust him, because he is the only one can fight Sasuke. Back to the village, the older village hold the meeting to choose the new Hokage, but before they finished their meeting, Shizune interupted and bring the urgent news. Lady Tsunade is back from dying. In the end of this chapter we saw that Sasuke has been finishing transplanting itachi's eyes to be his own.

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