April 14, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 491

Naruto Manga Chapter 491 Jinchuuriki, Confined is already out.

The way of to storage the seal to control kyuubi power is a little disgusting, Naruto have to input Gamatora into his body through his mouth. After storage completed, Naruto ask information about the octopus to the elder of sage. Then he back into Konoha and come suddenly into ramen store. He meet with two ninja and ask him for autograph, it seem they are praising him as miracle boy, really different with long ago it was just the opposite. While in the Raikage's place, all kage is in a meeting. They talked about something for currently facing Akatsuki, but the problem is did they gonna use hachibi and jinchuuriki as asset to their combat strength or not. the result of that meeting is the hachibi and jinchuuriki have to be hiding in somewhere place in Kumogakure. So naruto is going to the secret island where he can meet and life together with Hachibi or Killer bee.

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I love naruto movie