May 13, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 494

Naruto Manga Chapter 494 Killer Bee and Motoi

The history of the eight tails, dark period of the hidden cloud. In the past, there was'nt Jinchuuriki were able to gain control of the eight tails. SO 3rd Raikage and an elite cadre of fighters would bea the eight tails back and lock it within traditional sealing pot. But those battles also cost many good men their lives. It was the time starting the hatred inside Motoi, because one of victim was his father. Actually Bee and Motoi are good friends, but when Bee was choosen as the next Jinchuuriki, Motoi hatred for the eight tails grew out of control. The object of him revenge began to change the eight tails itself too Killer Bee. And Motoi decided to kill him by stab him in the back, but he failed. Lately, Motoi realised that Bee suffering was far worse than his mine.

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