August 05, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 505

Naruto Manga Chapter 505 The Nine-tails' Chakra Unleashed! is already out.

When his mother disappear,his mother's parting words resonate with Naruto. Naruto promised that he will be a good boy as a son . But the most important promise are to become a bigger badass than his father and to become a stronger shinobi than his mother. He is the one who would surpass all the previous hokage. Then Naruto awakened and only killer bee that know instanly about what happened, and leave captain yamato in confused state, lol. Naruto tried to release the nine tails chakra which is sectioned off within him in a separate place. But something suprised happened, naruto sense Kisame chakra which was union with samehada's sword. So no other choice, Kisame finally show his true self form. But two jinchuuriki and captain yamato is a bit enough to make Kisame retreat. Then another improvement from naruto make us really surprised, he released teleport technique just like his father.


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Chapter naruto best yet! so sad that two have given their lives to protect your child! at least they were able to see again, and could also see how it grew to be a good man!