December 02, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 519 Tailed Beast Bomb

Naruto Manga Chapter 519 The Tailed Beast Bomb has been released yet.

Kankurou's spirit to beat Sasori is very strong, by using Sasori's own puppet, Kankurou succesfully make Sasori and Deidara trapped inside the puppet. And soon after they talk each other, Kankurou's words make Sasori realized his mistake all this time. Before Sasori's soul became ashes, he left a message to Kankurou, he want his parents puppets belong to Kankurou. And then the ambush squad continuing their plan to launch their ambush, while Kabuto and Madara has their own problem with unthrusting each other. In far place from there Naruto still didn't know about what happening outside, Killer Bee make him busy with the last training to  mastered the strongest move a jinchuuriki can learn. Yeah, to be turn into the beast itself while in tailed beast mode. But it's not that easy as we thought, Naruto's lack concentration make him only turn into small fox, lol. But the most shocked news was about the risk used the tailed beast mode. It's said that in tailed best mode the jinchuuriki and kyuubi will be trading chakra, so if the nine tails absorbs Naruto chakra for long enough till run out it's mean death for Naruto. But before he know how to handle that, the new ultimate technique is born.

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