June 10, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 542

Naruto Manga Chapter 542 The Secret Story of the Strongest Tag-Team

In this chapter 542 we get to know a little flasback about Killer Bee and Raikage. Those two are able to understand each others by clashed their fist. It started when Killer Bee's brother died because of the eight tails inside him ran wild. And the next jinchuuriki is supposed to be killer bee. Bee has been chosen as raikage's partner in order to forge the ultimate move "Double Lariat". And when the time to seal up eight tails into Bee, raikage remembered Bee's brother message to help bee find something to fill up the hole in his heart. So in order to fill up that hole, Raikage told to Bee that he is special for him and the strongest tag team. That was the time when their bond grow stonger like real brother. And another part shown the time when Raikage and Bee met with Minato (Naruto's father). After a little confrontation between them, Minato left the words behind to Raikage. Something with deep meaning and very important message.

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