August 17, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 551

Naruto Manga Chapter 551 Stop Nagato

Nagato has been completely controlled by Kabuto and activated rinnegan which has unique power. Not only the technique that cn pulls you in and blows you away but also the one that sucks up your ninjutsu. Even Naruto's Rasengan didn't work for Nagato. The situation became more dangerous when kabuto planned to kill Naruto and Bee temporarily with the human path then take their bodies and soul back with the naraka path and revive them later. Kabuto trying to make Jinchuuriki his mine without Madara finding out. Fortunately, there is Itachi who saved them by using susano'o. But Nagato released Celestial Terra Blast that has powerfull gravitational pull. Itachi realized the weakness of that technique and used the combine of their strenght to destroy it. It's succesfull and in the moment of the blast, Itachi stab Nagato with the sword of Totsuka and sealed him permanently.

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