September 28, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 557

Naruto Manga Chapter 557 Jouki Boy

 Just when the seal team almost finished their task to seal Mizukage's body, the air blown up by the steam explosion and shrinked become mizukage's clone. That clone isn't only fast but also able to create a steam explosion occurs and it shrinks again preparing for the next explosion. Fortunately, that jutsu has a weakness, the owner body is extremely weak when using it. And again, Gaara get his body and imprison him inside his sand, but the clone interrupt the sealing process. As long as he have the oil inside his body, Gaara's sand can't do anything against him. The clone also make it more difficult to seal him, so the first way to do is stopped the clone. When the explosion occurs again, Gaara decided to protect everybody and at the same time attack the Mizukage, but the problem is the clone always protect him. For stopping it, Gaara use the sand clone which is mixed with gold dust, when the gold is melted from heat, it stick to the clone and also stopped it explode. Is it over already, the battle betwen Kazekage and Mizukage?

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great cartoon movie, thanks for review this chapter...