November 30, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 565

Naruto Manga Chapter 565 Jinchuuriki Vs Jinchuuriki 

The battle is getting difficult for Naruto and Bee, they have to face six others jinchuuriki which are stronger then before. With Rinnegan and Sharingan eye technique added to their jinchuuriki powers, they can decide their positions and calculate the best timing to attack. Even Bee super sonic attack didn't work on them. It's like when Naruto fought pain of the six path, their Rinnegan eyes are all connected. They can share what they see with each other. But Naruto realize something that they must be controlled with chakra using black rods piercing their bodies as receivers for the chakra. So the only solution to beat them, Naruto and Bee have to pull them out or destroy them. Fortunately, when Bee clashes with Yugito, he saw something under her vest. It seems the black rods have been implanted in their chest. After knowing the location, Naruto decide to just catch them when they attack him and destroyed it completely. But before Naruto managed to destroy it, the other Jinchuuriki managed to prevent that. Its bad for Naruto and Bee to fight them in a forest, so Killer Bee and Hachibi is going to burn it down.

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