January 11, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 569

Naruto Manga Chapter 569 Prove Your Will

Even still not trusting Naruto completely, The Four-Tails Son finally is willing to cooperate with Naruto. The four-tails told him to look closely at his neck to search a stake that has been stabbed in there. That's the source of the chakra chains, these are evil chains of the outer path rinnegan. But now the problem for Naruto is to get out from The Four-Tails mouth. By using multiple shadow clone technique, he make the four-tails barf.
After escaped from the four-tails mouth, Naruto began to search that stake and he found it. But it's not an easy task, because the four-tails is being controled and can't stop himself attacking. So Naruto decided to use beast form mode and try to pull out that stake. But it's a much more powerfull bondage than Pain nagato's outer path. He is trying so hard that make the nine-tails remembering Naruto's past. The nine-tails know that until now Naruto always prove what he said. So this time also the nine-tails wish for Naruto to do what he has always done, prove it to them with his actions.

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