March 08, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 577

Naruto Manga Chapter 577 Sword Of Hatred
This chapter mainly focused on battle between Madara vs the 5 Kage. Madara doubts Tsunade can defeat him with the Will of Fire. Tsunade disagrees, saying that the will she inherited made her stronger, crediting it for her revolution of medical ninjutsu, just like the entire medical ninja system and their rules, which she lists to him as she releases her seal. She then reveals another rule: that only those who have mastered the Byakugou Creation Rebirth jutsu are allowed to break the other three rules.
As Tsunade is coming, Madara covers himself with Susanoo’s ribcage, which Tsunade cracks with her attack. Madara notes her to be slower than the Raikage, but stronger than him. He tries immolating Tsunade, but is stopped by Mei, who also attacks with her Suiton. A and ┼înoki deal a heavy blow just as Tsunade lands a powerful kick, sending Madara crashing down. Madara reminds her that she’ll get herself killed if she simply rushes into the battle, the other Kage’s source of treatment and recovery. Madara wonders what Hashirama left them, saying they’re nothing compared to Hashirama, and that if he wanted his underlings to inherit something, he should have taught them the way to make him come back from the dead like Madara did. He says the only power Hashirama left is the life force of his cells in Madara’s body, and that his own brother only left him his eyes and their power. He says that the only thing that could be passed to them is hatred.
Back at the battle with Madara, Tsunade was going to land a few hits on Madara and do some damage. What Madara did though was excellent. Just when Tsunade lands a big blow on him and Gaara seals him, Madara suddenly appears from underground and impales Tsunade. Madara of course had used Hashirama’s Mokuton clone technique.
Aside from Madara’s typical badassery, we also get to see Tsunade’s former boyfriend Dan talking with Choji’s father, and he is unsurprisingly shocked when he is told Tsunade managed to become Hokage. This actually leads to the end of the chapter, where Itachi tries to distract Sasuke with his crows, while Itachi himself then finally meets up with Kabuto.

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