April 07, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 581

Naruto Manga Chapter 581 Everyone's Leaf
Kabuto was surprised by the relationship between Itachi and Sasuke seem to go along pretty well, when  sasuke used to hate it. He also thought something must have happened when Sasuke kills Itachi, and he was sure Sasuke already knew the truth. He believes Sasuke trailed Itachi due to better know the full story of Itachi. Kabuto was understood that he knew some of the truth of the story, so he hates Konoha has made Itachi had to kill a family member. Because both aim to destroy Konoha, Kabuto took Sasuke to team up to face the real Itachi is dead.

Sasuke remembered when he was with Madara, he heard conversation of the Konoha ninja who tells about Itachi's death by his brother's hand. In the briefing they were very insulting and hating Itachi, which made Sasuke growled as he knew Itachi  just pretend to fight with Konoha and be part of Akatsuki, He is outraged because Itachi sacrifice him self for the people who say bad thing about him. When Sasuke was about to give a lesson or give a real explanation, then the masked man stop him because it was futile.

Back to the future, though he still hates Konoha, Sasuke said firmly he does not like Kabuto.
Kabuto explained further that he understood why Itachi and Sasuke do that because he also had an identity crisis when he was adopted by the ninja of Konoha and became a spy in his life in various countries with a lot of lying for the sake of Konoha. In the midst of that identity confusion, Konoha was no longer believe in it. So he understands the hurt Sasuke and Itachi are willing to sacrifice reason for Konoha. Therefore, should Sasuke at his side, because there's no better than he understands Sasuke, Kabuto said.

Itachi replied that do not listen to the words of Kabuto because he was more clever lie. He said to Sasuke that it was his fault, Sasuke hurt like this now. Konoha was historically had a dark side, but he remains part of the Konoha ninja, Itachi said, He promised to talk further about this with Sasuke, but they must first complete the task facing Kabuto. Itachi tells Sasuke that the Uchiha had a stance that is not related to eye with the ability to affect the senses of the opponent.

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