April 18, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 583

Naruto Manga Chapter 583 Who Is This?
Women's foster mother of Kabuto was one Exs Root member (leader Danzou), her name used to be Nonou. She will heal the Wounded on the battlefield to earn money for orphanages and foster children.
Small Kabuto involved in treating Orochimaru's wounds. Orochimaru amazed by Kabuto's talent, although he was not a shinobi. Orochimaru told him to be a shinobi, but he Refused. Because for him to be the most useful for his foster mother was more important.

Danzou met with Nonou who has retired as a member of an elite spy root, and sent him back to work in critical mission and the danger to the country rock. Nonou Refused, but members of the root and Danzou Threatened to cut off aid money from Konoha. Or if the third hokage still give money, They Could just steal the money or abducted the children. In Addition Danzou also ask a child there to be new recruits Because of the death of a member. Small Kabuto secretly heard the conversation, Because he wanted to help the foster mother he volunteered to be a shinobi, and so there it is part of a spy.

Five years later, Kabuto in its mission to besieged enemy. When he thought it was Bedtime for the children of orphanages and how he wanted to be reunited with them, Including the foster mother. The enemy is attacking Kabuto with kunai defensively. It turns out his Opponent with his foster mother is a rock ninja headband, and the woman was seriously injured. Kabuto tried to treat his Wounds.

She asked Kabuto why he was treating her. She also asked who the real Kabuto. Kabuto replied That he is Kabuto and he would help her. But still the woman asked Who are you. And the woman died. Kabuto avoid another enemy of rock ninja Who calls her identity under a new name That Is Nanigashi.

Kabuto had escaped from the enemy and feel sad why the mother did not Recognize him. Then he was asked what his purpose in life, then, what he received from these women, Their name, meaning he was in foster care, and the meaning given to her glasses.

Then when he tries to see his face again with the shadows off the glasses he was getting confused Who he was, with the view That faded look. Then the shadow of his own saying, "I think you have a problem look at yourself". And Suddenly it turns to face the shadow of Orochimaru. Orochimaru then Appeared. Orochimaru said Kabuto has become a great ninja. Orochimaru said he Remembered That the Kabuto.

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