April 28, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 584

Naruto Manga Chapter 584 Kabuto Yakushi
Orochimaru tells Kabuto that during these time his man have been watching Kabuto and his mother. He took Kabuto to come with him so he knew the truth about his mother did not know him and attack Kabuto. Kabuto then taken to Orochimaru's secret hideout in the area behind the mountain, which in it like a laboratory, complete with equipment.

There Orochimaru explains that Kabuto and his mother has been decided by Root organization to be eliminated. For Kabuto the reason is Kabuto is too good as a spy that is considered so dangerous to know too much information. As for why his mother did not know Kabuto again, then there is the trick. His mother has been told the reason about little Kabuto become a spy because he wanted to help the orphanage costs, but his mother so sad and wanted to liberate Kabuto from the fetters. Kabuto and his mother was assigned the mission of which are located far apart. Over time his mother has always given information Kabuto progression from year to year through the photographs but over time the photos were changed other people's faces so that his mother thought the original Kabuto's face now as in the photo. Root promised to liberate Kabuto if she want to kill a traitor spy, who was none other than the original Kabuto.

Kabuto thought Orochimaru was told by Root to kill if there is between him and the mother is still alive, so he attacked Orochimaru. He was angry that finally after there was a person explain who he is, the person is taken by Root. And regardless of him has become a child of the mother, giving her name, and the bond he and her mother from the glasses, in the end he returned to the question of who he is. Orochimaru look like is death. But it was only the body, because Orochimaru coming out of a dead body.

Orochimaru says that the name, glasses, and become someone else's child is not to determine who he really was. If he wanted to, Kabuto can add other new things. Orochimaru also said that he did that because he also wanted to know who he really was, so he experimented, tested, reaching a new science and knowledge. With it all he could create himself a new, perfect, and be born again.

Orochimaru continues that this time he was looking for something new, that is Kabuto himself. If Kabuto wanted, he could collect a variety of things and knowledge from around the world, so surely he will be successful. Kabuto ask Orochimaru why he need him. Orochimaru said that he believes the talent of Kabuto so fond if killed. He will submit his laboratory to Kabuto.

Kabuto asks what Orochimaru plans in which he answered not like Root who hit someone, he would build something that is a ninja village free from the mother country village "Sound". From now on Kabuto and he came out of the Root, and Orochimaru is the boss, as well as civil as well as parents who will protect him from Danzou. Then Kabuto any since then accept Orochimaru until he reaches maturity.

Orochimaru one day asks Kabuto to find info about the organization Akatsuki, then he began to work with a double agent, pretending to be Sasori's spy who wants to know info about the experiment Orochimaru and his jutsu Edo Tensei. And Kabuto begin to engage with a variety of Orochimaru's experiments, including experimenting with the children and make their followers until the arrival of Sasuke.

Kabuto also been experimenting with his body, motivated by Orochimaru saying, "If you are not happy with what you now, you can add it to the new things are discovered.

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