May 16, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 585 To Be Myself

Naruto Manga Chapter 585 To Be Myself
In order  to make himself more perfect, Kabuto want the ability and knowledge possessed by the Uchiha Clan. He greatly admired the technique and power of Itachi as well as a threat to his plans, and also feel jealous to Itachi and Sasuke that carried the name of Uchiha. For Itachi name just shows where he comes to be not too important, in contrast to the Kabuto is almost lost their identity, it is simply meaningless.

While preparing to attack Kabuto, Sasuke felt threatened because it is not allowed to kill Kabuto which is the control of the war. Izanami's itachi also can not be used. Kabuto himself had prepared the next attack to demonstrate new capabilities that were previously only held by Orochimaru's men. Using "Sakon Souma No Jutsu" which he has issued Jirobou earth element and also Kidoumaru with Kumosukai (spider web). Sasuke And Itachi had to use Amaterasu to break the net. But Kabuto has launched the next attack Kimimaro the ability of "Shikotsumyaku Sawarabi No Mai".

To escape from Kabuto's attack, Itachi and Sasuke use Susanoo and ran into the cave. But Kabuto attacked by "Mugen Onsa" which is owned by Taguya. They both suffered a genjutsu and can not move. While Kabuto prepare for the next attack by issuing a form of Orochimaru, Itachi and Sasuke managed to free themselves from the genjutsu. Then Itachi intended to enable Izanami who had prepared in advance. But before Itachi do any further action, Kabuto managed to cut his body into two.

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