May 16, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 586 Izanamis Activation

Naruto Manga Chapter 586 Izanami's Activation
Itachi and Kabuto attack each other, which is often seen Kabuto had the upper hand by pushing Sasuke to defeat it with a duel between the fire (Sasuke) and water (Kabuto), so Sasuke bounce, while all movements legible and genjutsu Itachi is also no effect on Kabuto. Actually Itachi was preparing for his prohibited jutsu "Izanami". Until at last he began to turn stance by saying the Kabuto (after a type of shadow unnoticed beneath his feet touch Kabuto) that the fate of Kabuto was already in his hands, while the fate of how it will ultimately depend on Kabuto itself.

Kabuto is proud that he was perfect and invincible and challenging Itachi to run a fate that was in the hands of Itachi, he said battle will end soon because it was getting bored. While Itachi said that the strong man is one who is actually willing to forgive himself and accept the fact that he really is.

Kabuto which is about to kill Itachi, trapped momentarily, but was able to take over the weapon and stab Itachi with it, but Kabuto confused and not understand how Itachi get away from his genjutsu this time because he should not be affected by Itachi and Sasuke's genjutsu after all senses are closed. Kabuto is confused and were briefed by Itachi that he was trapped by his ultimate genjutsu (Izanami). Kabuto could not believe it, because he believed nothing could stop him. Kabuto Itachi tried again to attack but to no avail. Even Kabuto was in full control of Itachi.

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