May 30, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 588 To Bear The Name Of Kage

Naruto Manga Chapter 588 To Bear The Name Of Kage
Itachi will use genjutsu on Kabuto tried to find a way to stop the Edo Tensei, so the war will be resolved. But Sasuke said that its meaning Itachi will also be lost. However, Itachi's only comment was not a problem because it means he can once again protect Konoha, while his ties with this world is over. Sasuke protest with Itachi's statement by saying that his ties with this world has ended because he still has business with his brother. Besides Sasuke said that he would never forgive Konoha. Itachi said that someone who is able to change Sasuke is no longer himself. "This is the least I can do that is to stop the jutsu Edo Tensei, and then the rest have been left in the hands of Naruto. Itachi then ordered Kabuto to teach him how to stop the Edo Tensei.

Meanwhile, the five Kage were overwhelmed by Madara and his clones. Gaara trying to help Mizukage. But Garaa also bounced. Tsunade took out all-out energy that makes the Raikage worry as because its dangerous to herself. While the Raikage also get caught inside Susanoo. However Tsuchikage (Oonoki) this time became a star with stones weighing stop Susanoo and help Raikage from death. Madara commented on the positive effects of Oonoki's experience fighting more so than the other Kage so others kage survived.

Oonoki encourage others to get up and do not let the last words that came out of complaints but they are something to be proud of for the next generation if they should die. Oonoki also reminded them that Naruto and all the shinobi have been assigned them responsibility to defeat Madara. Fifth kage then got up and prepared to strike back Madara. Madara said that Oonoki be a problem here and it must be removed first.

Tsunade chakra assisted Oonoki to release his ultimate jutsu by issuing a stone giant that will kill Madara's clones, while Madara to be tied down with wet sand and then followed by a flow of electricity in the water by the action of Gaara, Mizukage, Raikage, if Madara managed to escape while preparing Oonoki back to the stone, nothing to give them time to seal Madara. That is the last resort of all the Kage as their chakra is running out. Madara began to recognize their qualities as Kage. But Madara started to issue capability intact. Then came Susanoo in perfect shape.

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