May 27, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 496

Naruto Manga Chapter 496 Meeting the Nine-tails Once Again is already out.

Naruto and Killer Bee come to the temple behind the fall. Scared place for train to learn how to control nine tailed beast. Before Naruto meet with his beast, Killer Bee take him to someplace where only pure-hearted can go in. In the test to entering that place Naruto make some joke to Captain Yamato, lol. And finally Naruto and Killer Bee go inside Naruto's mind to talk with Nine tailed beast. Naruto removed the seal and the nine tails break free. Naruto has to pull out nine tailed chakra from his body before the opposite happened. So this is the final stage of a lifelong battle.

May 20, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 495

Naruto Manga Chapter 495 Crush Dark Naruto already out.

Two power of Jinchuriiki join forces, Naruto and Killer bee are starting understand each other. Bee and Motoi history has inspired Naruto, when he back to the falls of truth Naruto find his way to beat his darkness. Start from now Killer Bee would become Naruto's teacher to learn how to control the nine tails. Killer Bee show him secret place behind the falls of the truth. That's place where Naruto gonna fight the nine tailed fox. A powerfull new team stands together, smash the nine tails.

May 13, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 494

Naruto Manga Chapter 494 Killer Bee and Motoi

The history of the eight tails, dark period of the hidden cloud. In the past, there was'nt Jinchuuriki were able to gain control of the eight tails. SO 3rd Raikage and an elite cadre of fighters would bea the eight tails back and lock it within traditional sealing pot. But those battles also cost many good men their lives. It was the time starting the hatred inside Motoi, because one of victim was his father. Actually Bee and Motoi are good friends, but when Bee was choosen as the next Jinchuuriki, Motoi hatred for the eight tails grew out of control. The object of him revenge began to change the eight tails itself too Killer Bee. And Motoi decided to kill him by stab him in the back, but he failed. Lately, Motoi realised that Bee suffering was far worse than his mine.

May 08, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 493

Naruto Manga Chapter 493 Dark Naruto

Another Naruto emerges from the falls of truth, yes He is the darkness inside Naruto. By sitting in front of waterfall and concentrating, Naruto enter the inner world in his mind. And that waterfall becomes mirror hich reflect Naruo true self.  New enemies appear, Naruto have to fighting another version of himself. If Naruto did'nt beat him, naruto won't able to use the tailed beast power. Then naruto ask Motoi about Killer bee's past life. He wanna gathered information about killer bee who has been mastered his tailed beast.