May 30, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 588 To Bear The Name Of Kage

Naruto Manga Chapter 588 To Bear The Name Of Kage
Itachi will use genjutsu on Kabuto tried to find a way to stop the Edo Tensei, so the war will be resolved. But Sasuke said that its meaning Itachi will also be lost. However, Itachi's only comment was not a problem because it means he can once again protect Konoha, while his ties with this world is over. Sasuke protest with Itachi's statement by saying that his ties with this world has ended because he still has business with his brother. Besides Sasuke said that he would never forgive Konoha. Itachi said that someone who is able to change Sasuke is no longer himself. "This is the least I can do that is to stop the jutsu Edo Tensei, and then the rest have been left in the hands of Naruto. Itachi then ordered Kabuto to teach him how to stop the Edo Tensei.

Meanwhile, the five Kage were overwhelmed by Madara and his clones. Gaara trying to help Mizukage. But Garaa also bounced. Tsunade took out all-out energy that makes the Raikage worry as because its dangerous to herself. While the Raikage also get caught inside Susanoo. However Tsuchikage (Oonoki) this time became a star with stones weighing stop Susanoo and help Raikage from death. Madara commented on the positive effects of Oonoki's experience fighting more so than the other Kage so others kage survived.

Oonoki encourage others to get up and do not let the last words that came out of complaints but they are something to be proud of for the next generation if they should die. Oonoki also reminded them that Naruto and all the shinobi have been assigned them responsibility to defeat Madara. Fifth kage then got up and prepared to strike back Madara. Madara said that Oonoki be a problem here and it must be removed first.

Tsunade chakra assisted Oonoki to release his ultimate jutsu by issuing a stone giant that will kill Madara's clones, while Madara to be tied down with wet sand and then followed by a flow of electricity in the water by the action of Gaara, Mizukage, Raikage, if Madara managed to escape while preparing Oonoki back to the stone, nothing to give them time to seal Madara. That is the last resort of all the Kage as their chakra is running out. Madara began to recognize their qualities as Kage. But Madara started to issue capability intact. Then came Susanoo in perfect shape.

May 23, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 587 At 9

Naruto Manga Chapter 587 At 9
After Itachi released Izanami, Kabuto got stuck in the loop. The first time Kabuto stabbed Itachi with his sword that is when Itachi activated it. In theory  Kabuto can decide his fate by canceling the Edo Tensei, and then get rid of Itachi. But it means the ending of Madara and wars. In other words, he will also lose the opportunity to enjoy a situation where Sasuke and Itachi could not kill him as one of the keys in the war, because they require Kabuto alive to end his jutsu. Make sense? In other words, fighting like a big circle. Kabuto will decide his own fate after canceling jutsu, he can break away or die at the hands of Sasuke. Or, he did not end the jutsu and get stuck in an endless loop (Izanami).

Itachi tried to corner him. Kabuto will never end his jutsu because he's using it as a means of immortality for himself. That's why he wanted to take control Itachi again and because Itachi as he is now is the greatest weakness of his jutsu.

Practicaly saying, Izanagi and Izanami are forbidden jutsu. Izanagi is a technique that able to change destiniy and Izanami was originally created as a method to punish and save the users of Izanagi. By using Izanami on Kabuto, Itachi want Kabuto to acknowledge his mistake and acknowledge his real self.

May 16, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 586 Izanamis Activation

Naruto Manga Chapter 586 Izanami's Activation
Itachi and Kabuto attack each other, which is often seen Kabuto had the upper hand by pushing Sasuke to defeat it with a duel between the fire (Sasuke) and water (Kabuto), so Sasuke bounce, while all movements legible and genjutsu Itachi is also no effect on Kabuto. Actually Itachi was preparing for his prohibited jutsu "Izanami". Until at last he began to turn stance by saying the Kabuto (after a type of shadow unnoticed beneath his feet touch Kabuto) that the fate of Kabuto was already in his hands, while the fate of how it will ultimately depend on Kabuto itself.

Kabuto is proud that he was perfect and invincible and challenging Itachi to run a fate that was in the hands of Itachi, he said battle will end soon because it was getting bored. While Itachi said that the strong man is one who is actually willing to forgive himself and accept the fact that he really is.

Kabuto which is about to kill Itachi, trapped momentarily, but was able to take over the weapon and stab Itachi with it, but Kabuto confused and not understand how Itachi get away from his genjutsu this time because he should not be affected by Itachi and Sasuke's genjutsu after all senses are closed. Kabuto is confused and were briefed by Itachi that he was trapped by his ultimate genjutsu (Izanami). Kabuto could not believe it, because he believed nothing could stop him. Kabuto Itachi tried again to attack but to no avail. Even Kabuto was in full control of Itachi.

Naruto Manga Chapter 585 To Be Myself

Naruto Manga Chapter 585 To Be Myself
In order  to make himself more perfect, Kabuto want the ability and knowledge possessed by the Uchiha Clan. He greatly admired the technique and power of Itachi as well as a threat to his plans, and also feel jealous to Itachi and Sasuke that carried the name of Uchiha. For Itachi name just shows where he comes to be not too important, in contrast to the Kabuto is almost lost their identity, it is simply meaningless.

While preparing to attack Kabuto, Sasuke felt threatened because it is not allowed to kill Kabuto which is the control of the war. Izanami's itachi also can not be used. Kabuto himself had prepared the next attack to demonstrate new capabilities that were previously only held by Orochimaru's men. Using "Sakon Souma No Jutsu" which he has issued Jirobou earth element and also Kidoumaru with Kumosukai (spider web). Sasuke And Itachi had to use Amaterasu to break the net. But Kabuto has launched the next attack Kimimaro the ability of "Shikotsumyaku Sawarabi No Mai".

To escape from Kabuto's attack, Itachi and Sasuke use Susanoo and ran into the cave. But Kabuto attacked by "Mugen Onsa" which is owned by Taguya. They both suffered a genjutsu and can not move. While Kabuto prepare for the next attack by issuing a form of Orochimaru, Itachi and Sasuke managed to free themselves from the genjutsu. Then Itachi intended to enable Izanami who had prepared in advance. But before Itachi do any further action, Kabuto managed to cut his body into two.

April 28, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 584

Naruto Manga Chapter 584 Kabuto Yakushi
Orochimaru tells Kabuto that during these time his man have been watching Kabuto and his mother. He took Kabuto to come with him so he knew the truth about his mother did not know him and attack Kabuto. Kabuto then taken to Orochimaru's secret hideout in the area behind the mountain, which in it like a laboratory, complete with equipment.

There Orochimaru explains that Kabuto and his mother has been decided by Root organization to be eliminated. For Kabuto the reason is Kabuto is too good as a spy that is considered so dangerous to know too much information. As for why his mother did not know Kabuto again, then there is the trick. His mother has been told the reason about little Kabuto become a spy because he wanted to help the orphanage costs, but his mother so sad and wanted to liberate Kabuto from the fetters. Kabuto and his mother was assigned the mission of which are located far apart. Over time his mother has always given information Kabuto progression from year to year through the photographs but over time the photos were changed other people's faces so that his mother thought the original Kabuto's face now as in the photo. Root promised to liberate Kabuto if she want to kill a traitor spy, who was none other than the original Kabuto.

Kabuto thought Orochimaru was told by Root to kill if there is between him and the mother is still alive, so he attacked Orochimaru. He was angry that finally after there was a person explain who he is, the person is taken by Root. And regardless of him has become a child of the mother, giving her name, and the bond he and her mother from the glasses, in the end he returned to the question of who he is. Orochimaru look like is death. But it was only the body, because Orochimaru coming out of a dead body.

Orochimaru says that the name, glasses, and become someone else's child is not to determine who he really was. If he wanted to, Kabuto can add other new things. Orochimaru also said that he did that because he also wanted to know who he really was, so he experimented, tested, reaching a new science and knowledge. With it all he could create himself a new, perfect, and be born again.

Orochimaru continues that this time he was looking for something new, that is Kabuto himself. If Kabuto wanted, he could collect a variety of things and knowledge from around the world, so surely he will be successful. Kabuto ask Orochimaru why he need him. Orochimaru said that he believes the talent of Kabuto so fond if killed. He will submit his laboratory to Kabuto.

Kabuto asks what Orochimaru plans in which he answered not like Root who hit someone, he would build something that is a ninja village free from the mother country village "Sound". From now on Kabuto and he came out of the Root, and Orochimaru is the boss, as well as civil as well as parents who will protect him from Danzou. Then Kabuto any since then accept Orochimaru until he reaches maturity.

Orochimaru one day asks Kabuto to find info about the organization Akatsuki, then he began to work with a double agent, pretending to be Sasori's spy who wants to know info about the experiment Orochimaru and his jutsu Edo Tensei. And Kabuto begin to engage with a variety of Orochimaru's experiments, including experimenting with the children and make their followers until the arrival of Sasuke.

Kabuto also been experimenting with his body, motivated by Orochimaru saying, "If you are not happy with what you now, you can add it to the new things are discovered.

April 18, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 583

Naruto Manga Chapter 583 Who Is This?
Women's foster mother of Kabuto was one Exs Root member (leader Danzou), her name used to be Nonou. She will heal the Wounded on the battlefield to earn money for orphanages and foster children.
Small Kabuto involved in treating Orochimaru's wounds. Orochimaru amazed by Kabuto's talent, although he was not a shinobi. Orochimaru told him to be a shinobi, but he Refused. Because for him to be the most useful for his foster mother was more important.

Danzou met with Nonou who has retired as a member of an elite spy root, and sent him back to work in critical mission and the danger to the country rock. Nonou Refused, but members of the root and Danzou Threatened to cut off aid money from Konoha. Or if the third hokage still give money, They Could just steal the money or abducted the children. In Addition Danzou also ask a child there to be new recruits Because of the death of a member. Small Kabuto secretly heard the conversation, Because he wanted to help the foster mother he volunteered to be a shinobi, and so there it is part of a spy.

Five years later, Kabuto in its mission to besieged enemy. When he thought it was Bedtime for the children of orphanages and how he wanted to be reunited with them, Including the foster mother. The enemy is attacking Kabuto with kunai defensively. It turns out his Opponent with his foster mother is a rock ninja headband, and the woman was seriously injured. Kabuto tried to treat his Wounds.

She asked Kabuto why he was treating her. She also asked who the real Kabuto. Kabuto replied That he is Kabuto and he would help her. But still the woman asked Who are you. And the woman died. Kabuto avoid another enemy of rock ninja Who calls her identity under a new name That Is Nanigashi.

Kabuto had escaped from the enemy and feel sad why the mother did not Recognize him. Then he was asked what his purpose in life, then, what he received from these women, Their name, meaning he was in foster care, and the meaning given to her glasses.

Then when he tries to see his face again with the shadows off the glasses he was getting confused Who he was, with the view That faded look. Then the shadow of his own saying, "I think you have a problem look at yourself". And Suddenly it turns to face the shadow of Orochimaru. Orochimaru then Appeared. Orochimaru said Kabuto has become a great ninja. Orochimaru said he Remembered That the Kabuto.