February 24, 2008

Captain Yamato Profile Review

Name : Captain Yamato
Real name : Tenzo
Age : Unknown
Rank : ANBU
Team : 7 (Kakashi Replacement)
Nature Chakra : Earth elemental

Yamato (Tenzo) Profile Review
Yamato is first added to Team 7 as a temporary replacement for Kakashi Hatake, though he has since come to be a recurring member of the team. Although "Yamato" is a code name given to him for the purposes of joining Team 7, he seems to prefer it over his real name, Tenzo. As a child Yamato was kidnapped by Orochimaru and injected with the First Hokage's DNA in an attempt to replicate the First's abilities. Orochimaru was forced to abandon Yamato before he could complete his research, and thus never knew that Yamato had survived the experiment and was able to use the First's Mokuton techniques.
(Source from Wikipedia)

Yamato Abilities
With his Mokuton ability, Yamato is able to combine water and earth to form wood for varying purposes, such as creating wooden copies of himself or erecting wooden barriers instantaneously. Despite his range of abilities, Yamato states that his Mokuton is greatly inferior to that of the First. He is also able to suppress the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's influence over Naruto Uzumaki, which is the primary reason he is assigned to Team 7.Yamato is a member of the ANBU, and although he usually projects a calm, stoic demeanor like other ANBU, he can be quite laid back when not on duty, and is not above using his Mokuton techniques for material comforts such as making a house to "camp out" in. (Source from Wikipedia)

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