February 21, 2008

Sakura Haruno Profile Review

Name : Sakura Haruno
Age : 12
Birthday : 28 March
Sensei : Hatake Kakashi, Tsunade sama
Teammate : Uzumaki Naruto & Sasuke Uchiha
Rank : Chunnin
Team : 7
Nature Chakra : Earth elemental

Sakura Profile Review
Sakura is a kunoichi affiliated with the village konoha. Sakura Haruna is a person that largely built off her relationships with other characters. Sakura is a lover person with very sensitive feeling.
Sakura characters as a girl who cann't understand man, but she is growth to be wisely person. His primary motivation is to get back Sasuke into Konoha again. Together with Naruto, they both share in their goal to bring their departed teammate Sasuke back.
(Source from Wikipedia)

Sakura Abilities
Sakura's abilities go largely unseen and undeveloped. While she is shown to be very proficient with basic ninja abilities during the few battles she participates in,Sakura lacks any unique traits that set her apart from the rest of Team 7. Her teacher, Kakashi Hatake, notes that Sakura has an excellent control over her chakra early .
Sakura acquires two abilities that rely directly on her precise chakra control. The first and most common of these two is her ability to heal wounds, giving her the position as her team's medical ninja.
Sakura's second ability: her superhuman strength. By building up chakra in her fists and releasing it on contact with a target, Sakura can reduce most obstacles to rubble.
(Source from Wikipedia)

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