February 25, 2008

Tenten Profile Review

Name : Tenten
Birthday : 9 March
Age : 13
Sensei : Maito Gai
Teammates : Hyuga Neji and Rock Lee
Rank : Chunin
Team : Guy
Nature Chakra : Water elemental

Tenten Profile Review
Tenten is the least seen member of the primary Konoha ninja; her only battle during the first half of the manga is almost entirely skipped, with only the match's start and her defeat being shown. What is known of Tenten is that she strongly believes that female ninja can be just as skilled as male ninja. As such, her goal in life is to someday be as great as Tsunade. Because neither Tenten nor Neji can train on the same level as Guy or Lee, the two are usually seen together having more "normal" training sessions. As a result, Tenten has come to hold Neji's abilities in high regard.(Source from Wikipedia)

Tenten Abilities
Tenten specializes in weaponry, and according to Guy she can hit a bullseye 100 out of 100 times. In battle she summons varying types of weapons from the scrolls she carries with her. In Part I she has many scrolls that serve this purpose, but in Part II she has consolidated her arsenal into a single large scroll. The weapons predominately consist of steel projectiles and an assortment of close-combat weapons, though she is seen using a crossbow in the anime and even a spiked bomb in Part II. Tenten prevails in battle by rapidly throwing dozens of weapons at opponents in quick succession, ombarding them repeatedly with the contents of her scrolls. (Source from Wikipedia)

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