March 12, 2008

Jirobo Profile Review

Name : Jirobo
Age : 14
Rank : Jounin
Team : Sound Five
Nature Chakra : Earth Elemental

Jirobo Profile Review
Jirobo was the third member of the Sound Five, Jirobo is drawn into battle with Choji Akimichi during the Sasuke Retrieval arc, who he calls fat near-constantly during their battle. He also compares Choji to a pawn that is sacrificed so that the stronger members of the team, the knights, can survive. These statements, as well as Jirobo's insults of Shikamaru Nara, causes Choji to utilize his trump card, drastically increasing his strength. Despite Jirobo's best attempts, Choji's strength outmatches his own and he is killed with a blow to the chest.
(Source from Wikipedia)

Jirobo Abilities
Jirobo is the physically strongest member of the Sound Four, albeit the least powerful, according to the other members. His strength is such that, through simple physical attacks, Jirobo can defeat an opponent in one or two blows. He is even capable of lifting boulder-sized rocks with ease and hurling them across long distances. Jirobo is noticeably fat, though takes offense to this when Tayuya calls him as such and always scolds her for it. Because he is able to absorb the chakra of others, Jirobo often captures opponents so that he can absorb their chakra as a form of sustenance. (Source from Wikipedia)

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