March 12, 2008

Kidomaru Profile Review

Name : Kidomaru
Age : 14
Rank : Jounin
Team : Sound Five
Nature Chakra : Wind Elemental

Kidomaru Profile Review
Kidomaru was the first member of the Sound Five. Kidomaru is an excellent tactical analyst, making sure each of his attacks is put to use in determining an enemy's weak point. During his battle with Neji Hyuga, for example, he is able to slowly pick up on a blindspot in Neji's defenses, and proceeds to focus his attacks on that point. He generally sees a battle as a game, and often plays around with the opponent too much because he prefers to have fun seeing the opponent struggle. His speech also reflects this-he refers to Neji as a "trash character," and claims that, like all trash characters, Neji will die first. Despite this claim, Neji is able to send a burst of chakra through one of Kidomaru's webs during their battle, immobilizing him. Unable to defend himself, Kidomaru is attacked by Neji and soon dies from internal trauma.
(Source from Wikipedia)

Kidomaru Abilities
Kidomaru is the spider-like member of the Sound Five; he possesses four extra arms, has the ability to make webs, and even possesses a third eye. This eye improves the accuracy of his attacks to the point of being unavoidable. Kidomaru's webbing is made of a special type of liquid that is created by infusing body liquid with chakra, making it as strong as steel. The more basic form of this webbing is excreted from his mouth, and he spits it directly from there during combat to capture opponents. Kidomaru can create a stronger, golden webbing called Spider Sticky Gold that hardens upon contact with oxygen to metal-like quality. Because of the solid nature of this webbing, Kidomaru can shape it into armor or weapons to aid him in battle. (Source from Wikipedia)

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