March 26, 2008

Misumi Tsurugi Profile Review

Name :Misumi Tsurugi
Age : 23
Rank : Genin
Team : Kabuto
Nature Chakra : Light Elemental

Misumi Tsurugi Profile & Abilities
Misumi Tsurugi has had his body surgically altered with the Soft Physique Modification. This allows him to be more efficient in gathering information and allows him to dislocate his joints to fit into any space. He then controls his softened body with chakra, allowing him to stretch and twist any part of his body at any angle, elongating and even coiling around his opponent. Misumi attempts to use this ability on Kankuro during the Chunin Exams by catching him in an inescapable hold and breaking his neck. While he seems to have succeeded, he in actuality breaks the neck of Kankuro's puppet, which quickly turns the tables and proceeds to break all of Misumi's bones, save the neck. Misumi makes a second appearance with Yoroi Akado during one of the anime's filler arcs, where he is defeated by Ino Yamanaka and crushed under a cave in.
(Source from Wikipedia)

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