June 17, 2008

Power of Uchiha Wallpaper

Walpaper title : Power of Uchiha
Description : We all had been known about Uchiha clan, they are very strong clan and they have amazing jutsu like Sharingan. I like three person from Uchiha, and I thought they are the strongest person in their clan. From Madara Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, and Sasuke Uchiha, I know very much incredible jutsu.
See their power on Naruto Shippuden.

Power of Uchiha, madara, itachi, sasuke

Get This Power of Uchiha Wallpaper by clicking on image. I'm sure you will never say this wallpaper bad. Hahaha..because you on my Sharingan Attack..

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Anonymous said...

you are wrong, there is still Uchiha Obito, the one that gave Hatake Kakashi the Sharingan...

Fish 5-2-2009