August 26, 2008

Download Naruto Manga (Comic) Vol 43

Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 43
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To bring the battle to a swift end Sasuke conjures up a bolt of lightning to strike Itachi down. Itachi survives the attack, though after removing Orochimaru from Sasuke's body and saying goodbye to his little brother, dies of a preexisting disease. Tobi collects Sasuke to attend to his injuries and Naruto, having lost Sasuke's trail, is forced to return home. Once Sasuke regains consciousness Tobi tells him of the Uchiha's history: that after he, Madara Uchiha, helped to found Konoha, a mistrust between Konoha's leadership and the Uchiha was created. When years later the Uchiha began planning to overthrow this leadership, Itachi was ordered by Konoha to eliminate his own clan to prevent the Uchiha's rebellion. While Itachi did as instructed, he chose to spare Sasuke and lived as a criminal so that he could someday die by Sasuke's hands, effectively avenging the Uchiha. Realizing that Itachi was as much of a victim as he was, Sasuke heads out to destroy Konoha.

Volume title: The Man Who Knows the Truth

Released : August 4, 2008

Download List Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 43
Naruto Manga Chapter 390 The Final Jutsu!
Naruto Manga Chapter 391 ...With the Thunder!
Naruto Manga Chapter 392 Susano'o!
Naruto Manga Chapter 393 My Eyes...!
Naruto Manga Chapter 394 Sasuke's Victory
Naruto Manga Chapter 395 The Mystery That Is Tobi
Naruto Manga Chapter 396 Introduction
Naruto Manga Chapter 397 The Man Who Knows The Truth
Naruto Manga Chapter 398 The Leaf's Origins
Naruto Manga Chapter 399 The Beginning of Everything
Naruto Manga Chapter 400 In The Pits of Hell
Naruto Manga Chapter 401 Illusion
Naruto Manga Chapter 402 Last Words

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