August 12, 2008

Naruto - Hinata, Special Lovers 2

For the second special lovers wallpaper, I show you Naruto and Hinata special relationship. Don't be anger and have a bad thought with Naruto, this is all just my imagination. How about you, who is the best girl for Naruto? Sakura or Hinata?

naruto and hinataAfter seeing the picture, which one the best soulmate for Naruto? give me yours answer on comment. Nice another one....So romantic lovers (V)

Please share and enjoy:


Yee Ning said...

Still think it should be Hinata, she's better with Naruto.

Anonymous said...

Hinata, is better suited for Naurto.
She believes in him and trust's him.
And most of all loves him , I really hope they ended
up together in the Show. Even though
it's not real, there like people to me . And I think
Sakura is like a sister to Naruto now.

Hinata is the better choice really <33


Anonymous said...

Vote for Naruto Hinata as couple

Matthew said...

I think Hinata would better suit Naruto. Besides, Sakura couldn't stand Naruto at first. So, I don't think it'll work out now.

Anonymous said...

i also think hinata is better for naruto... she is always thinking about him... unlike sakura who didnt even want to be near him at first...also hinta is the type of girl who wants to share naruto's pain i belive it should be hinata

Anonymous said...

Hinata is way better for Naurto.She is soooo awesome. I realy wouln not mind if she went with kiba though. As long as sakura dose nNOT get Naruto i am happy. :)

-Jania ( #1 Sakura hater :)

Anonymous said...

Hinata will have Naruto as her own. She loves him.