August 20, 2008

Shikamaru - Temari, Special Lovers 7

Still talking about Shikamaru, but on Special Lovers 7, Shikamaru's soulmate is Temari. They maybe from different village, but they have beautiful moment since their first meet on chunnin exam. If you have been read the manga or watched the anime series, there were special moment between them. First, Temari came and helped Shikamaru by defeat one of sound ninja "Tayuya". Second, Shikamaru's turn helped Temari when the Sand Villlage got attacked by sword ninja. Third, both of them have been chosen as ambasador from their own village.

shikamaru and temariDifficult choice for Shikamaru, between Ino and Temari have plus and minus point each other. But he still has to choose one of them. Who will be the best soulmate for Shikamaru, Ino or Temari? Love is... so complicated...^_^

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