August 26, 2008

Zabuza - Haku, Special Lovers 11

Never underestimate their love, although Zabuza and Haku have been recognizing as enemy but I really appreciate them. For the first time, we thought that Zabuza only exploited Haku as his arm. Haku knew it but she didn't care about that, she just knew to protect Zabuza's dream because only Zabuza that acknowledge her in this world. But I was wrong about Zabuza's feeling, he care so much with Haku and love her so much. When Haku died, Zabuza show his feeling with kill the people which was stepping on Haku's body. Even Zabusa ask Kakashi to take his body inside Haku's body before he exhaled the last breath.

zabuza,haku,wallpapersReally romantic and dramatic, Zabuza and Haku love each other untill they die. I hope this wallpaper could make their soul happy. Zabusa and Haku just like Romeo and Juliet in manga version, perfect soulmate.

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Neji said...

stupid Haku is a Boy not a girl

remember when naruto met him at jungle while he felt unconcisious when he was trying to manipulate his charka to climb the trees..Haku said at last the He was a boy man..

Anonymous said...

To Neji:
Aah, but he could be double bluffing. so he/she make ppl think he/she is a girl, then say he/she is a boy, when really a girl!