September 14, 2008

Naruto Learn Genkidama

My post this time just spoiler about Naruto and Dragon Ball Players. It was very funny to see Naruto become Super Saiya Family. Ok, the story begin with Naruto come to Songoku's house, he wanna learn Genkidama from Songoku. As we know, Naruto wants to become more stronger than Sasuke, so he is looking for new strategy to fight Sasuke. After succesfull create new jutsu (Rasengan Shuriken) and mastered Sage chakra as well, Naruto still not confidence with his power.
Will Songoku accepted Naruto as part of his family?

naruto, super saiya,wallpapersBefore Songoku accepted Naruto as part of Super Saiya's Family and teach him Genkidama, Songoku asked to his family what did he has to do to Naruto? Its seem Bejita and Songohan couldn't accept Naruto easily. Bejita and Songohan show their chakra and ask Naruto, was he able to pull out chakra just like they done. Then Naruto answered that he could done what they done. Naruto released his kyuubi chakra and start pull out yellow chakra from his body.

Naruto, songoku, dragonballAll Saiya were impressed with Naruto and finally they accepted Naruto as their family. Songoku take Naruto to someplace where he and his family usually train in there. 1 day inside that room same as 1 year, and Naruto finished learn Genkidama on three day. Amazing, little Naruto has changed as well. Naruto became more stronger just in 3 day, not only mastered Genkidama, with his skill to manipulation chakra and used sage chakra as well, he created new Genkidama. Naruto called his new jutsu "RASENDAMA" (Rasengan and Genkidama).

naruto rasengan, genkidamaEven his hair has changed like truely Super Saiyan, great job Naruto. I'm sure with RASENDAMA, Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan is no match again with him. Fortunately, Naruto has mastered Sage technic, so he could collected Nature Energy as many as he can. Akatsuki has to worried with Naruto Rasendama, if someday Naruto could controlled his kyubii chakra as well as eigth tailed Jinchurikii, he could make all Akatsuki blow up with only one Rasendama.

~~The End~~

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