October 15, 2008

Host Of Tail (Jinchuuriki)

After long time we waiting on manga, finally all picture of Jinchuuriki has been released. We just only know a little about them, untill now manga only shown and gived us information more detailed about four of them (Naruto, Gaara, Killer Bee, and Nii Yugito). How about the other five, we only know about their bijuu. But now we also know about their image and I wish we also get information about their name, their story live and their ability soon.

host of tail, jinchuuriki, wallpapersThat's all the jinchuuriki, you could see their finger if you want to know how many tails they had. From left to right : Four tailed, Three tailed, Two tailed, One tailed, Nine tailed, Eight tailed, Seven tailed, Six tailed and Five tailed. I can't hold any longer to know more about them, even some of them has been died. If we could't get information about them from manga, I'm sure we will know from the anime, just wait.

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cool i like it.