January 09, 2009

Download Naruto Manga (Comic) Vol 44

Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 44
Review from wikipedia:
Upon his return to Konoha, Naruto learns of Jiraiya's death. Knowing that Akatsuki will be coming for him, Naruto decides to learn how to use senjutsu to prepare himself for the inevitable encounter with Pain. He goes to the home of the toads to train, just as Jiraiya had years earlier, and leaves deciphering Pain's identity to his friends in Konoha. Elsewhere, Sasuke agrees to have Snake, now renamed "Hawk", work with Akatsuki in return for their help in destroying Konoha. Hawk is sent to capture the eight-tailed beast, and upon finding its host (Killer Bee) they engage him in battle. Even though Killer Bee proves an even match for the four of them, he nevertheless decides to release the beast within him.

Volume title: Passing Down the Senjutsu...!!

Released : November 4, 2008

Download List Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 44
Naruto Manga Chapter 403 Tears
Naruto Manga Chapter 404 Hawk and Akatsuki
Naruto Manga Chapter 405 What He Left Behind
Naruto Manga Chapter 406 Unlock The Future
Naruto Manga Chapter 407 To Naruto
Naruto Manga Chapter 408 Fukasaku's Proposal
Naruto Manga Chapter 409 Passing Down The Sage Technigues
Naruto Manga Chapter 410 Battle Of Thunder-Cloud Gorge
Naruto Manga Chapter 411 8 Tails VS Sasuke
Naruto Manga Chapter 412 8 Fear Like They've Never Known Before

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