February 18, 2009

Naruto High School Edition

Are you senior or junior high school? For you all Naruto fans which is still on senior or junior high school, I have a litlle surprise for you. I dedicated for you my new colletion Naruto Wallpaper : High School Edition. I'm sure that most of you wanna know about situation or maybe how would be they appearance on formal school, right? From this Naruto High School Edition Wallpaper, you would be able to imagine or at least know a little if they are not in ninja school. Alright here you are 10 Wallpaper Naruto High School Edition:

1. Naruto High School Uniform
Naruto High School Uniform
2. Naruto Anime High School Edition
Naruto Anime High School Edition
3. Naruto High School 1
Naruto High School 1
4. Naruto High School 2
Naruto High School 2
5. Naruto High School 3
Naruto High School 3
6. Naruto High School Friendship
Naruto High School Friendship
7. Naruto High School Love story
Naruto High School Love story
8. Girls High School 1
Naruto Girls High School 1
9. Girls High School 2
Naruto Girls High School 2
10.Boys High School
naruto Boys High School
Reach your dream by studying hard on school. Be a smart person. Goodluck.

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Sarah said...

I actually work at Naruto High School~(^^)~ http://www.naruto-hs.tokushima-ec.ed.jp/kyouki.zenniti.top.htm

it's all in Japanese tho...Naruto is a city on the island of Shikoku- about 1h30 from Kobe!