March 20, 2009

Gozu Profile

Name : Gozu
Debut (Anime) : Shippuden episode 91
Appears in : Anime only
Classification : Missing-nin
Gender : Male
Affiliation : Otogakure
Team : Team Guren
Nature Type : Earth (Presumed)

* Body Mass Altering Jutsu
* Mud Blast Jutsu
* Mud Body Jutsu

Gozu Profile Review
Gozu is a shinobi who appears in the second Naruto Shippuden filler arc. He is a subordinate of Guren. He's unsociable and quiet, making people unable to figure out what he's thinking, but his battle skills are without a doubt very good. He's the power type and prefers fighting alone. He seems to hold a special sentiment towards Guren. After the selection battle Kabuto Yakushi and Guren held in the hideout, Gozu becomes Guren's subordinate. When Guren returns, she orders him and the rest of his team to dispose of Team 8.
As the arguably strongest member, he was sent in first to face off against Kakashi and draw him away. There, he quickly showed off his tremendous might that kept Kakashi on his toes. When Kakashi's cunning and skill proved too much for him, he pulled out his trump card to alter his body even further, giving him even greater speed and strength. In the end, he barely survived his fight against Kakashi, having sustained a broken arm and forced to retreat.

He seems to be quite strong since while his comrades were fighting in groups in the battle royal, he held his own by himself. The greatest example of his raw strength was shown from his ability to hold back the giant Three-Tailed Beast. His body was altered by Orochimaru, giving him great physical strength and the ability to turn his body into mud. He is also able to expand his body in a manner similar to the Akimichi clan's expansion techniques to enhance the strength of his arms or legs for more powerful strikes and accelerated movement.
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