March 20, 2009

Kiho Profile

Name : Kiho
Debut (Anime) : Shippuden episode 91
Appears in : Anime only
Classification : Missing-nin
Gender : Male
Affiliation : Otogakure
Team : Team Guren
Nature Type : Wind

* Smokescreen Technique

Kiho Profile Review
Kiho is a shinobi who appears in the second Naruto Shippuden filler arc. After the selection battle Guren and Kabuto held in Orochimaru's hideout, Kiho becomes Guren's subordinate together with Kigiri, Nurari, Gozu and Rinji. He along with Kigiri later aids his team in fighting Team 8 with smokescreens and various gases.
Later, he is left with the rest of his team with the orders to intercept and destroy Team 8 and Team Yamato.

His abilities is similar with Kigiri but different style, Kiho has weapon on his hand which is able to shot a smoke bullet, more fast on spreading the smoke but not in large area.

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