May 20, 2009

Temari Shippuuden

Now is Temari's turn, She is the oldest child in Gaara's family. Temari is so beautiful and smart, just like Shikamaru but please never ever disturbed her because she could be a tigress when she was angry. Temari's behaviour not much changing from her childhood but Temari's style was totally different. Temari's child was wearing white clothes, but on Naruto Shippuuden, after Temari has been grow up, she is wearing black clothes. not only that, Temari's shoes model also changed to be more girly and she looks so feminim with that shoes. About her headband, if we usually see that on her neck, now Temari use her headband on the right place. Last, with gauntlet, Temari looks more classy and very suitable with her arm (giant fan). I hope from this post you will know about difference between Temari's child and Temari when she was grow up. If there is another difference from Temari's child and adult which didn't yet I mention, please tell me about it, so I can add more information detaily.

TemariAlright I have new collection from Temari Shippuuden Wallpaper that I wanna share to you all Narutofans. Just click on image to get the real pixels and save it. I'm still waiting your opinion about Temari's feeling. Thanks for your visited here.

Temari ShippuudenPlease share and enjoy:


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