June 11, 2009

Chouji Akimichi Shippuuden

What do you think about Chouji Akimichi? physically, Choji is not at all looked to be like ninja. But his fat body can't stop him being a ninja. Chouji is Shikamaru's bestfriend, together their combination attack become more stronger. Now, lets talk about difference between Chouji's child and Chouji when he was grow up. From his habit, there isn't much changed, but his style was totally different. Chouji's child was wearing green clothes, grey pants, headband and shoes with blue colour. And Chouji's adult with combination colour red clothes, red headband, black pants and shoes with warrior costume design make Chouji appearance similar with his father. Chouji's hair also be more longer, its make him looks more fearful. One message for you all if you meet with Chouji, don't ever you say "Fat" in front of him if you don't want gonna hurt. I'm sure there is another difference from Chouji's style and behavior, could you tell me about it? Please give me your comment, so I can add more information detaily.

Chouji AkimichiAlright I have new collection from Chouji Akimichi Shippuuden Wallpaper that I wanna share to you all Narutofans. Just click on image to get the real pixels and save it. I'm still waiting your comment about another difference from Chouji's child and Chouji when he was grow up. Thanks for your visited here.

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