June 27, 2009

Tenten Shippuuden

I can't tell much changing from Tenten's child and adult, Tenten not much changing on style and habit. She is strong girl and different from others kunoichi on Konoha, I never see Tenten cry. Alright, Tenten's child was wearing pink clothes, green pants, blue shoes and blue headband. Tenten is ninja with long attack type, she is ninja weapon specialist. After Tenten has been growing up, she took more weapon and take it into scroll in order to she could release it easily anytime. Tenten's adult wearing white clothes, red pants, red headband and black slipper. Tenten is perfect teammate for Neji because neji is short attack type. If there is another difference from Tenten's child and adult which didn't yet I mention, please tell me about it, so I can add more information detaily.

TentenJust like my previous post, I have new collection from Tenten Hyuuga Shippuuden Wallpaper that I wanna share to you all Narutofans. Just click on image to get the real pixels and save it. I'm still waiting your information about Tenten. Thanks for your visited here.

Tenten ShippuudenPlease share and enjoy:

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