March 11, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 486

Naruto Manga Chapter 486 "Fists" is already out.

Two paths, too far apart to be absolute destiny, yet close enough that it can only be fate. Rasengan and Chidori meet each other and blow up their owner into different direction. Naruto is catched up by Kakashi, while Sasuke is catched up by Zetsu. Zetsu has been ordered by Madara to hang around Sasuke and keep his presence hidden. Zetsu call madara when he think they are in trouble. Madara come and ask Sasuke to go, he also order Zetsu to go check up Kisame. But before Sasuke leave, Naruto stop him and tell Sasuke to remember their fight in the valley of the end. Naruto understand that they can instantly read each others mind the moment their fists meet. naruto say that both of them gonna die if they continue their fight.

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