April 01, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 489

Naruto Manga Chapter 489 "On The Brink of World War" is already out.

download naruto manga chapter 489Naruto Manga Chapter 489 is starting in myouboku mountain with an argument about Naruto. Meanwhile Karin has being interogated to get some information about Sasuke and Kabuto. Lady Tsunade almost recovered her conditions and Kakashi ask her presence as soon as posiblle. The leaf village is starting the meeting which was attended by 23 people include the elder and Lady Tsunade. On the other place, Sakura told naruto about Lady Tsunade, he looked so happy and decided to eat like a horse to celebrated. But the elder sage summoned him to myouboku mountain immediately because the great elder sage wanna tell him his future. Its said that naruto will meet an octopus (it must be Killer bee) and he will battle with young man with great power in his eyes (it must be Sasuke Uchiha). After that The elder ask Gamatora to gave naruto the key to the fourth seal. With that seal Naruto could actually release the nine tails completely. Meanwhile In Akatsuki hideout, Kabuto come to Madara and release his new skill to earn trust from Madara. Kabuto ask Madara to join forces.

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