April 07, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 490

Naruto Manga Chapter 490 "The Truth of the Nine-Tails" is already out.
Kabuto with his ressurection jutsu  succesfully resurrect Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu and Nagato from their death and offered his power to join Madara's forces. Remains a question, what is Kabuto's motive? kabuto wants Sasuke Uchiha in return, he need Sasuke to fully answer his question about learning ninjutsu. When Madara refused him, Kabuto release summoning technique - impure world resurection. Still not notified what did Kabuto raised, but its enough to make Madara suprised and accepted Kabuto's offer. Madara ask Kabuto to wait until after the war is over before he hand over Sasuke. Meanwhile Anko Mitarashi and three others trying to track down Kabuto from corpses that he leave behind. One of them is byakugan user, by using byakugan he found Kabuto walking down with Madara. On the other place, Naruto tried to understand how to gained full control of the nine tailed fox chakra. To control the nine tail power, Naruto gotta pull out nine tailed fox chakra and turn it into his own.

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