October 17, 2010

Kon Gamabunta Chopper Wallpapers

Kon Gamabunta Chopper Wallpapers
Still in NBO (Naruto shippuuden or Bleach or One Piece) wallpapers, this is the fifth or last series. This wallpaper is different from other previous series, because we don't talk about human but animal. Yes, I mean their best pet, so here they are, Gamabunta from Naruto Shippuuden Anime, Kon from Bleach Anime and Chopper from One Piece Anime.

Go get it the last series from my NBO wallpapers
Kon, Gamabunta, and Chopper Wallpapers

We didn't said that they are just animal, because they also think as if they are human and of course they also have important part as main characters's partner.

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