December 16, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 521 The Army's Battle Begins

Naruto Manga Chapter 521 The Army's Battle Begins!

Madara still suspicious with Kabuto even after he revealed the secret of impure world resurrection. It seem there isn't no risk for the user after all. But Madara give him warning that there is always downside to everything. In the other side, the other battle between white zetsu's army and squad joint army has begun. Now is turn for Kiba, Shino, Hinata and Neji to show their improving skill. But more interesting battle has been starting in another place, it like reunion between Kakashi and Zabuza, they meet each other to fight again. They still remember about what happened in the past, but what they most remember is about Naruto. Kakashi told Zabuza and Haku that Naruto is become an admirable shinobi and it's because he meet with them Naruto found his path in life, his own ninja way. After they talk each other, the battle is not over, even looks like the real fight will begin soon after kabuto got to be serius. Zabuza can feel that the situation  can be worst anytime, so he ask Kakashi to stop him.

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