December 26, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 522 I'm Already Dead

Naruto Manga Chapter 522 I'm Already Dead

Kabuto used orochimaru's chakra to increased impure world resurrection power. Their mind and personality  disappear slowly. Haku asked Kakashi to stop them again before he lost his mind completely. Kakashi told him a little flashback about Zabuza and Naruto. That Zabuza didn't see him anymore as a tool, and he cried to hear that. But now, both of them become Kabuto's tool, and this battle would be though. To fight with the bloodline limit like The Demon Zabusa from the hidden mist, Haku from the cursed Iced Element Wielding Yuki Clan, Gari a former member of the blast corps and Paku from the sand village scorch element, the squad join army cannot drop their guard down. It's feel like fought with mummy, Kakashi's army has started being pressed down. It's looked like their problem not stop decreased but even more increased after The last generation of the seven swordsmen of the hidden mist has being summoned.

December 25, 2010

Naruto's player Watch Movie Together

It would be fun to find out their thought when All main Naruto's player watch movie together. From left, there is Gaara that was wondering what his sister doing. And Temari's face being red, she was embrassed when Shikamaru hold his hand. Next is Shikamaru who shyly ventured to hold Temari's hands. Then there is Hinata who hopelessly wanted Naruto's attention, but Naruto is sitting next to her is more interesting to seduce Sakura, poor Hinata. And Sakura as usual get annoyed with Naruto easily, maybe would be opposite reaction for her if Sasuke is the one to do that. But Sasuke also got his own problem with Ino whose kept trying to approach him. Next is Lee, with his usual expression that always got excited easily which has not been concerned with the situation around him. There is also Ten-ten, who secretly thinking that lee is pretty cute. Not forget about the olders Jiraiya who was forced to sit apart from Tsunade, after make her angry and broken a chair, poor Jiraiya. Tsunade would prefer to sit next to Kakashi although Kakashi is enjoying to read a book by him self. The last is Shikamaru which was pissed off by all of them.

Bleach Transform to Naruto

I'm curious about the appearance of the bleach's players who have transformed into naruto's players. I was wondering, How cool would they be? But after seeing it directly, it's not so bad. 
Bleach Transform To Naruto

I hope this wallpaper would be another good collection or you all naruto and Bleach fans. I'm very sory for Jiraiya to be replaced by Kon, lol. Lucky Sakura got Orihime as her replacment, after all Orihime Inoue is the most beautiful characters here although she is rather stupid :) 

December 16, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 521 The Army's Battle Begins

Naruto Manga Chapter 521 The Army's Battle Begins!

Madara still suspicious with Kabuto even after he revealed the secret of impure world resurrection. It seem there isn't no risk for the user after all. But Madara give him warning that there is always downside to everything. In the other side, the other battle between white zetsu's army and squad joint army has begun. Now is turn for Kiba, Shino, Hinata and Neji to show their improving skill. But more interesting battle has been starting in another place, it like reunion between Kakashi and Zabuza, they meet each other to fight again. They still remember about what happened in the past, but what they most remember is about Naruto. Kakashi told Zabuza and Haku that Naruto is become an admirable shinobi and it's because he meet with them Naruto found his path in life, his own ninja way. After they talk each other, the battle is not over, even looks like the real fight will begin soon after kabuto got to be serius. Zabuza can feel that the situation  can be worst anytime, so he ask Kakashi to stop him.

December 10, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 520

Naruto Manga Chapter 520 The Secret Behind Impure World Resurrection

Naruto Manga Chapter 520
Naruto keep tarining hardly under Killer Bee instruction. Naruto has to make his black and white chakra in 8:2 comparison. Its sound easy at first but its a hard fight, nevertheless Naruto never learn to give up so he keep practice over and over. Meanwhile in Madara's hideout, Kabuto trying to keep Anko alive for his experiment although Madara ask him to kill her. Kabuto said to Madara that he need to keep her alive because it will make his power increase as well strenghten the impure world ressurection's binding power. Madara let Kabuto to keep Anko alive but in exchange he must tell the secret of his technique to Madara. Kabuto try to refuse but Madara threaten his life,so Kabuto finally agreed to obey Madara. By using Danzou's subordinate body that Madara keep under his rasengan illusion, Kabuto demonstrate his ritual resurrection technique. While in other place, The join squad ninja army are making their move after got information from Aburame Muta about the enemy strategy.  

December 02, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 519 Tailed Beast Bomb

Naruto Manga Chapter 519 The Tailed Beast Bomb has been released yet.

Kankurou's spirit to beat Sasori is very strong, by using Sasori's own puppet, Kankurou succesfully make Sasori and Deidara trapped inside the puppet. And soon after they talk each other, Kankurou's words make Sasori realized his mistake all this time. Before Sasori's soul became ashes, he left a message to Kankurou, he want his parents puppets belong to Kankurou. And then the ambush squad continuing their plan to launch their ambush, while Kabuto and Madara has their own problem with unthrusting each other. In far place from there Naruto still didn't know about what happening outside, Killer Bee make him busy with the last training to  mastered the strongest move a jinchuuriki can learn. Yeah, to be turn into the beast itself while in tailed beast mode. But it's not that easy as we thought, Naruto's lack concentration make him only turn into small fox, lol. But the most shocked news was about the risk used the tailed beast mode. It's said that in tailed best mode the jinchuuriki and kyuubi will be trading chakra, so if the nine tails absorbs Naruto chakra for long enough till run out it's mean death for Naruto. But before he know how to handle that, the new ultimate technique is born.