February 03, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 526

Naruto Manga Chapter 526 Darui's Squad Leaps Into Battle

For the sake of Feudal Lords and the other politicians, The Fifth Mizukage "Mei Terumi" and her attendants guide them from the enemies. As predicted, Black Zetsu has been ordered by Madara to kidnap them for the hostage and infiltrated the Feudal Lords's hideout. Unfortunately for him, Mizukage has prepared five separate hideouts and moving them from one hideout to the next at regular intervals. But maybe it wouldn't work under Black Zetsu's power, the one has been known as the greatest spy. In other place, Darui's squad has started battle with enemies, as soon as the black lightning strike down to the enemies, that's a sign of battle. The battle between friend, brother and their respected person. Chouza vs Dan, Hiashi Hyuga Vs Hizashi Hyuga, and Darui Vs Kin - Gin brother. Their complicated feeling toward each others cannot stop their battle as long as their body under Kabuto's control. It seem the squad join army has been starting their strategy.

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