March 17, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 532

Naruto Manga Chapter 532 Mifune Vs. Hanzou, The Conclusion
Mifune and Hanzou meet in a flash, but the result was in the opposite one with their last fight before. In their past, Mifune has been lost once till almost death from his battle with Hanzou. But during the battle, Hanzou realized that Mifune wasn't a dull opponent, because he stood before Hanzou to protect his fellow samurai. Even for exchange for his life, Mifune asked Hanzo to leave his fellow samurai alone. Hanzou known that Mifune didn't lost his faith and decided to saved his life by gave him an antidote and let Mifune to choose by himself to be death while still holding strong to faith or a long life gained by renouncing it. For a long time ago in the past, Hanzou has been putting his faith to Mifune. Rather than let himself lost his faith by Kabuto, Hanzou stabbed his own body to released the venom sac which was implanted in his body and gave Mifune an opening to sealed himself. on the last part of this chapter, the scene changed to battle between Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino Vs. Asuma.

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