April 21, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 536

Naruto Manga Chapter 536 Naruto Goes to War!
 Naruto is off and Iruka meet with Killer Bee. Although that was their first time seeing each other, but Killer Bee feel like he know Iruka from someplace. When Iruka asked him to protect Naruto, Killer bee remembered that he saw Iruka in Naruto's heart, because till now Iruka's word has protected naruto all the way. While Akatsuki still advancing their move, Raikage and Tsunade try to stop Naruto with barrier. The Barrier team have been ready in their position when Naruto come and he almost caught up with the barrier. Fortunately Bee come and both of them work together to break the barrier down. Finally Naruto and Bee get out from their hideplace, and as expected from Akatsuki, they already know about that. It seemed Akatsuki changed their strategy, they didn't need Feudal Lords anymore. And Madara has decided to join the fight. It still unlear about his next target, but his appearance always fabulous clearly.

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