May 11, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 538

Naruto Manga Chapter 538 Cross-Examination

Naruto and Killer Bee Flying towards the battlefield in the dead of night. In the middle of their way, the nine tailed beast come to talk to Naruto, its try to persuade Naruto in order to use it power. The nine tails said that Naruto will become like Pain / Nagato if he is trying to end this war by himself. But Naruto's confidence isn't going down just because of that. So kyuubi try to make him remember about Sasuke that have been traped in prison of hate since their first met. And it seem has impact for Naruto, he call back his memories when he has spar for the first time with Sasuke. But we are wrong, Naruto still believe that he can't just sit around without doing anything. He is brimming with confidence and ignores the nine tails trecherous whispers.

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